Vagary silhouettes are specifically chosen/cut/designed to fit a range of different body types. A lot pieces are designed that you would be able to wear all 4 sizes but could choose HOW you'd like it to fit you. 

Below we have matched our XS, S, M, L & XL to numerical sizing, however we recommend for best fit to use our measurements provided on each product page. These measurements are also available on our facebook page prior to launch days.
We recommend this as the most reliable choice when selecting our pieces because sizing isn't standardised between brands. Not only that, but you have pieces that are designed to fit oversized which allows more bodies sizes to make use of them even if not the way originally intended.

Our size matched closest to numerical would be:
True to size:  (AU) 10-12 / (US 6-8)
Relaxed fit:  (AU) 10-14 / (US 6-10)

True to size: (AU) 14-16 / (US 10-12)
Relaxed fit: (AU) 14-18 / (US 10-14)

True to size: (AU) 18-20 / (US 14-16)
Relaxed fit: (AU) 18-22 / (US 14-18)

True to size: (AU) 22-24 / (US) 18-20
Relaxed fit: (AU) 22-26 / (US)18-22
True to size: (AU) 26-28 / (US) 22-24
Relaxed fit: (AU) 26-30 / (US) 22-26
If you would like some assistance in choosing a size or just have a question, email us at: